Don’t Look at The Elephant

Corinne Campbell

4179063482_e8184e27a1_z CC Image courtesy of David Blackwell on Flickr

  • 10-year-old with a brain injury  who was removed from  family due to physical abuse.
  • 11-year-old living  in a  shelter, on the run from mother’s abusive spouse.
  • 8-year-old with an STD
  • 12-year-old rescued from a house fire. The mother and sister  weren’t so lucky.
  • 11-year-old who found her sibling hanging from the backyard hills hoist, a few months after the father was arrested for murdering the child’s mother.
  • 9-year-old who cowered while the family was held in a siege.
  • 8-year-old who hid behind a tree as Martin Bryant shot people at Port Arthur.
  • 6-year-old whose sister was burned in a horrific car accident.
  • 7- year-old who visited his father in jail each weekend and wanted him home for Christmas.

These are just some of the children I’ve  taught  (details changed to prevent identification). Every teacher has stories they could share.

Domestic violence, drugs…

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