Reading in progress: G is for Genes


This book recently came on my radar because I encountered some research asking teachers how useful they thought behavioural genetics was for classroom practice. This seemed to me to be another case of, ‘Dear teachers, we wish to conduct research into [posited educational mechanism, in this case, behavioural genetics]. Please tell us in advance that you think it might be useful, so that we can convince educational awarding bodies to fund our research.’ In response to my urging that perhaps wares ought to be shown before teachers are asked to buy them, I was directed to this book.

I haven’t finished reading yet, but I have a preliminary concern. I’ll fill you in on how it is addressed.

Firstly, the book is published in 2014 but is exciting because it goes against the grain of the time in that the authors want to make a case, drawing on behavioural genetics…

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