The House is the home

A View from the Hill

This blog is in response to a Times article ‘Schools find bringing back houses is a wizard idea’.

“Which house were you in?” It’s the first question exchanged by any two alumni of my school when they meet, and one which is no doubt asked by those who spent time at any boarding school in the country. The response of course is keenly awaited, and once the name is uttered, there will be much good-humoured reminiscing about particular characters in the House or of famous sporting victories in the inter-house competition.

School houses are back in the news, with a number of schools – state and independent, day or boarding – introducing or in some cases resurrecting the system to “improve results, raise morale and provide pastoral support”. Of course, associations with Harry Potter are much to the fore, and indeed some schools have explicitly drawn parallels with the stories…

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