Towards a Pedagogy of Authentic Indifference

jonny walker teaching

Our Beautifully Global-Minded Empathy-Fuelled Children

Do you know who is an outspoken advocate of the rights of every man, woman and child? Do you know who cares deeply about the plight of every refugee? Do you know whose heart aches at the destruction of the rainforest? Do you know whose gratitude towards those who educate them runs deep through their appreciative veins?

Every single primary school child, as expressed through their writing.

At this juncture, I could begin to make a point along the lines of…

What is it about growing up that takes these sensitive compassionate young souls and turns them against the world? What could secondary schools do differently to sustain this globally minded compassion that is the life-force of primary aged children?

I won’t be doing this, as you have probably detected from my tone. The uniform compassion and care of primary children, en masse, is a load of bunkum…

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