Why parents’ ‘Selection by Wealth’ is better than schools’ ‘Selection by Ability’


Originally published on IcingOnTheCakeBlog:

This is a follow up to a piece I wrote about claims about secondary school ‘selection by wealth’, in which I argued that secondary schools do not select by wealth, as implied by Theresa May and David Davis, amongst others and argued by Peter Hitchens, Hitchens continues to claim that ‘selection by wealth’ is a bad thing, and that it is something which schools do. He is wrong, however: Individual schools clearly can’t actively select by wealth, much as many might want to, and it was this claim that I railed against in my last piece.

It seems that Hitchens is so wedded to his mistaken belief that state schools choose who applies to them that he can’t see the logical impossibility of this position. There is little point reiterating the argument. We disagree…

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