Homework and deliberate practice.


I have started writing this post once before. Unfortunately, it turned into a rant about my own experiences with homework and the expectations surrounding it. I promise nothing of the kind here; only strict adherence to the aforementioned principle that homework should involve students having to work far, far harder than the teacher.

“Learning isn’t a way of reaching one’s potential but rather a way of developing it.”

In his book Peak, Anders Ericsson identifies many of the components of ‘deliberate practice’. Here are four of the original elements:

  1. You must be motivated to attend to the task and exert effort to improve your performance.
  2. The design of the task should take into account your pre-existing knowledge so that the task can be correctly understood after a brief period of instruction.
  3. You should receive immediate informative feedback and knowledge of results of your performance.
  4. You should repeatedly perform…

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