Displaced Rage: The Chocolate Teapot of Politics


Originally posted on Disidealist:

Warning: This is a political blog, not an educational one. If you want educational, don’t bother reading. It’s also directed pretty much solely at Labour supporters and members. So if you’re a Tory, only read on if you like abuse, and if you’re a LibDem or Green, well, you can read if you like, because frankly your parties are so irrelevant that you may as well impotently waste your time here than impotently waste it elsewhere. If you’re a UKIP supporter, then what the hell are you doing on my blog when you know you can’t understand big words?

There, I think that sets the tone of wide-barrelled blunderbussing which is to come. I’m hoping there’ll be something in here for everyone to get offended by. I’m an equal-opportunities offender…

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