Hardship High: Seldon’s Selective Schools


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On Friday 3rd March the iNews website published an by ex-Master of Wellington College, Sir Anthony Seldon, on How we could solve education’s inequality problems with just 100 new schools’ . Seldon believes that education’s lack of equity could be easily solved by building 100 new  selective Free Schools. According to Seldon, these ‘May Schools’ would be different from grammar schools as they would only be for the ‘bottom 25% of the population’. Seldon goes on to suggest that the schools would only target ‘bright, disadvantaged students who the current system is failing’.  But only if you’re the poorest of the poor. If you’re just outside this arbitrary measure then you’ll just need to get on with being let down. Throughout his article Seldon goes on to answer ‘your questions’ which he writes and poses to himself. Nonetheless, there’s still a few things that bother me…

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