Flat Cash Ed Hell

CarolineBarlow c

Originally posted on HeadteachersRoundtable:

The only other time I felt such a deep sense of “I’m not trained for this” was on the arrival of my first child. This week, engaging with interviews for TV and Radio as the story of schools’ funding finally hit national headlines.
I revisited that sense of the surreal. Yet here we are schools leaders up and down the country, sharpening our media skills, joined in one voice on the significant school funding issues that are gripping our schools. In East Sussex this week, we launched FlatCashEd linking with neighbours in West Sussex and the longstanding WorthLess campaign. The words below are extracts from the letter sent jointly from schools this week from West Sussex, East Sussex, Essex and Cornwall making clear that: In spite of a detailed and factual campaign – over a sustained period of time – we are no closer to being provided with any meaningful proposals or solutions to our current and future school funding crisis

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