What kind of learning do we need to make the most of the new technological revolution?

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Originally posted by Rose Luckin on IOELondonBlog:

Learning is the key to success in the fourth industrial revolution and I was delighted to be asked to provide evidence to the Future of Work Commission at the House of Lords. It helped me to crystalize my thinking.

Learning is at the heart of the fundamental insight that motivated reformers and precipitated the creation of state-funded universal schooling in the Industrial Revolution. This insight was that when education fails to keep pace with technology, workers suffer, fall behind, and society starts to fragment. When learning and innovation progress in harmony then we all feel the benefits. Finland’s Minister of Education and Culture, for example, has said that she wanted her country to be “continuously learning” and developing “strong, transferable skills” in a society where people can “return to education when they need it.”

But what does this mean? In order to prosper the UK needs a workforce that can adapt to rapidly changing and often unpredictable circumstances in a way that continues to build the UK intellectually, economically and socially.

Knowledge is important, of course…

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