On Authoritarianism

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This England is a prison — a walking shadow; it is a unit for the correction of the errancies of the juvenile, a young offenders’ prison. Our young people are viewed by policy makers as briefly animated pieces of meat herded into the present and future abattoir of lives of indentured slavery.

They enter an education system that seeks chiefly to diminish cost and, secondarily, to identify elites who might prosper and graduate to being the next generation of protectors of the right to rule of their forebears. The money in the system has been siphoned elsewhere (upwards); huge budget cuts are currently swaggering, big balled and bowlegged through saloon bar gates to savage state education. University education has already been privatised, monetised, profitised and young people who are prepared to devote themselves to the acquisition of knowledge and the possibility of a better future must leap huge budgetary hurdles that will leave them £50,000 in debt before they graduate to their first low paid job. Here, the political party that dominates government

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