How Helpful is the Term ‘White Working Class’?


Originally posted on ClassOnline:

You know that the world’s turned upside down when you – the daughter of a car mechanic – are labelled ‘the elite’ by an Etonian. Yet this is exactly what’s been happening lately. We’ve become a world of labels – identity politics gone mad.

Today, Runnymede and CLASS launch a series of essays that seeks to question the legitimacy and usefulness of one such new label – the ‘white working class’.

Picture this group of people. In the wake of Brexit, this group has been reduced to a negative stereotype – on benefits, racist, voted Leave. This narrative completely forgets that the white middle class were more likely to vote for Brexit, and that it is people in this group that are setting the budgets that are disadvantaging minority ethnic groups.

Furthermore, this label is misleading. It tells us the working class is white. The truth is that…

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