Muscle, Guts and QTS: The de-professionalisation of teachers


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It’s no good fooling about with teaching you know. You can’t fall into it like a soft job without dirtying up your hands. It takes muscle and guts. If you can’t bear the thought of messing up your nice, tidy soul, you better give up the whole idea of life and become a saint, because you’ll never make it as a teacher‘ (Jimmy Porter)

Now, those of you who’ve watched the brilliant Look Back in Anger will know that I’ve used  a little artistic licence on young Jimmy’s lines. But it’s true though, teaching is bloody tough; emotionally, physically and mentally. It takes resilience, patience and determination to make it in the classroom. You’ll experience plenty of highs and lows. Probably on the same same day. You’ll need to constantly reflect, adapt and develop as a practitioner. You’ll definitely need to get your hands dirty…

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