Never stop learning but please keep playing


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I was sitting in my staffroom this week and I stumbled across a past SAT paper lying on the table. I opened it more out of interest then expectation to see if 25 years on I could answer what looked to me like a GCSE paper rather then a test for 11year olds! I gave up and placed the test paper back to where I’d found it. I breathed a sigh of relief for numerous reasons; thank god I didn’t have to sit that test was the first and foremost thought, followed by when did Year 6 become Year9/10, and ended with why oh why do we put kids through them. I genuinely feel sorry for them.

I was educated before SATs existed (thankfully) and I did alright, middle of the road learner, gained 7 GCSEs A-C and 2 A-Levels which 20 years later I’m still proud as punch about. Primary school were probably the best 7 years of my education…

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