Pupil mobility, the widening gap and misplaced faith in Hirsch


Originally posted on Teen Schooling:

The first few days of a new job are always testing. Your colleagues are actually strangers so you feel an outsider and under scrutiny. You don’t know your way around or where anything is. People keep telling you stuff but there’s very little you’re actually absorbing  just yet. The things people really do need to tell you they assume you know already. You keep getting names wrapped around your neck and asking daft questions.

It’s a tricky time and you may well be having to break the mid-week drinking rule more often than is healthy. However, experience tells you that this will pass and in truth it’s not long at all before your equilibrium is restored and you’re feeling like part of the furniture.

Contrast that narrative with the one written by a pupil who arrives at a new school with no expectation of ever feeling the sense of belonging that is essential to wellbeing because that simply hasn’t been part of the story so far…

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