Are we losing sight of why we do this?

MiShel Macfin76 Losing Sight

Originally posted on Ramblings Of A Year 1 Teacher:

I’ve been thinking this week, a lot, about all the bickering and arguing on twitter lately. So many different arguments to follow and I rarely comment or get myself involved. We’ve had the progressive/traditional fights this week – it seems you have to be either side of the division. If you dare to speak out about one or the other or offer an opinion you can be quickly shot down in flames, subtweeted (or it is retweeted – I don’t know?), ridiculed and called horrible names. When I was at school many years ago, if we had had phones and twitter I’m pretty sure it may have been classed as bullying. My thoughts on social media is it’s about connecting with like-minded people, having (respectful) freedom of speech and taking an interest in the world around you. I don’t get why people have to fight about what they believe is right or wrong and force their viewpoints on others until the insults start to flow. We all have our own opinions and we should respect other’s, even if they differ to ours…

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