Education is like religion


Originally posted by Paul G. Moss:

Education is a lot like religion. There are certain faiths within the general field, faiths that can be supportive and instructional, but also faiths that can be dogmatic, restrictive, and ignorant. Lots of teachers look to the higher powers for guidance on practice and often deny their training, experience and intuition to be able to effectively teach and continue to learn from their own contexts. Of course CPD is essential; it is how teachers (and all humans) learn quickly. But sometimes caliphates and archbishops, demigods and the like stand on high and preach to the masses, (because that is their reach), that their way is the only way to teach, and even if you prescribe to all that is implored of you, just when you think you might be getting close to the enlightened state, they crash the tower, because it’s not in their best interest for you to become independent….

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